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10 Interesting Facts about Rising Star Carley Shimkus

Carley Shimkus is one of the rising stars in the up-and-coming sport of women’s football. She was recently signed by the Washington team when she was still in college and has been predicted to be one of their top picks in the draft this year. Here are 10 interesting facts about Carley Shimkus that you might not know yet!

Carley Shimkus is a Rising Star in The World Of Journalism

Carley Shimkus Is A Rising Star In The World Of Journalism

Carley Shimkus is a rising star in the world of journalism. She’s currently the anchor for a local Chicago TV show, but her career has seen her out at the scene of some of the most newsworthy events in recent history. She has covered everything from terrorist attacks to natural disasters to presidential elections. In addition to being a journalist, she’s also an author and public speaker, who weave together storytelling and motivation. Her message is that every single one of us has a story worth telling – and it’s up to us to find it and share it with others.

She Started Her Career as a Fact Checker


Carley Shimkus is a rising star who is making waves in the industry. Originally, she started her career as a fact checker before becoming an editor. Now, she’s jumped to the next level and become an executive producer on her own show, Carley’s Corner. Learn more about this successful woman here

  1. Carley began her career in media as a fact-checker for programs like The Dr. Oz Show and The Wendy Williams Show. 2) She was promoted to assistant editor at HLN, which is now known as CNN Newsroom. 3) After holding that position for three years, she became an executive producer on HLN’s In Session program.

She Has Worked For Fox News, CNN, And MSNBC

She Has Worked For Fox News, CNN, And MSNBC

Carley Shimkus is a well-known American news anchor and journalist. She has worked for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

Prior to becoming a journalist, she was the only female in her class of 30 at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. After graduating with a degree in government, she served as an officer in the U.S. Navy before moving into journalism.

She became a household name after joining the Today Show on NBC in 2008 and then CNN’s New Day. She also hosted NBC’s Weekend Today from 2010 until 2013. Her new venture takes her back to her roots, joining WBFF-TV FOX 45 Baltimore this summer as co-anchor alongside Peter Buchignani (one of the most veteran TV journalists around).

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She Has a Degree in Broadcast Journalism From Quinnipiac University

Carley Shimkus Has a Degree in Broadcast Journalism From Quinnipiac University

Rising star Carley Shimkus, who has a degree in broadcast journalism from Quinnipiac University, is the newest addition to FOX News Channel’s weekend prime-time lineup. She will host Carley Live and Fox Report Weekend. After graduating from Quinnipiac, she interned at CBS’s Boston affiliate WBZ-TV and later joined the team full-time as a general assignment reporter. In 2013 she left to join the Providence NBC affiliate WJAR-TV as an anchor and reporter before heading off to take on her new position with FOX News Channel.

She is Married To Peter Ruppe

Carley Shimkus Married To Peter Ruppe

A former competitive gymnast, Peter Buchignani is a two-time U.S. National Champion and Olympic alternate from Stanford University. After graduating with honors from Harvard Law School, Peter founded the law firm, Buchignani Weitz & Associates, in 2003. In his spare time, Peter volunteers as an assistant coach for Stanford’s men’s gymnastics team and provides pro bono legal services to athletes and coaches who can’t afford it. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife, Carley Shimkus, a former member of UCLA’s three-time NCAA Championship-winning gymnastics team and 2008 U.S. Olympic Team gold medalist in the all-around competition

They Have Two Children Together

Carley Shimkus children

Carley and her husband, Peter Buchignani, have two children together. On October 10, 2015, their son Luca was born weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces. In September 2017, the couple had a daughter named Bella.

Carley’s favorite movie is Young Frankenstein because she loves all things related to the horror genre. Her favorite TV show is Criminal Minds because it makes her scared for days after watching an episode. She’s a self-proclaimed binge-watcher with her favorite TV series being Friends, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Carley has mastered speaking fluent Italian by living in Rome for three years while studying abroad during college.

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She is a Member of The Board of Directors For The Sunshine Foundation

Carley Shimkus is a rising star in the world of journalism. She has been called a promising talent by Peter Buchignani and was recently named one of the 30 Most Influential Women Under 30 by Forbes magazine.

Carley got her start in broadcast journalism as a producer for FOX News Channel, and she has now become an anchor on Fox News’s morning show, FOX & Friends. She is also the co-host of the weekly business show, Money with Melissa Francis. Her career took a significant leap forward when she became the youngest ever Fox News Correspondent to appear on air.

She is a Breast Cancer Survivor

Carley Shimkus, a rising star in the TV news world and breast cancer survivor, was recently announced as the newest anchor on Fox News. The 27-year-old’s story has been told on networks like CNN and ABC News, detailing her diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer at age 25. After being diagnosed, she postponed treatment to have a baby with her husband and now has two kids under two years old. My doctor said I could go back to work three weeks after the baby was born, she told People magazine. I went back to work at Fox News Channel four months later.

She is a breast cancer survivor. She had stage 3 breast cancer when she was 25 years old and postponed treatment so she could have a child with her husband.

She Has Run The New York City Marathon

Carley is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a runner, she’s a surfer, and she’s a marathoner. She has run the New York City Marathon twice and has even been to the Olympics as an alternate for the U.S. women’s field hockey team in 2008. When she isn’t running, surfing, or training for her next big race, you can catch her reporting for Fox News in Washington D.C., where she covered President Obama’s second inauguration in 2013 and reported on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination in 2014.

She is The Author of The Book The 5 Things You Need To Be Happy

Carley Shimkus is an American author, journalist, and television reporter who has been a rising star with Fox News since September 2014. She is the author of the book The 5 Things You Need to Be Happy. With her work on television and in print, Carley often focuses on covering human interest stories for national news outlets such as Fox News. Her work has garnered recognition from the New York Times, Guardian, and NBC Nightly News among others.

Carley was born and raised in Michigan before moving to Atlanta to attend college at Georgia State University where she studied journalism. In 2007, she worked as a producer at CNN Headline News before becoming a reporter at MSNBC in 2008.

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