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10 Tips to Improve Your Sexual Relationship with Your Spouse

A healthy sexual relationship is vital to keeping your marriage happy and strong. However, when the passion fizzles out or the drive simply isn’t there anymore, it can be hard to find your groove again. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reignite that spark and keep it going strong, even after years of marriage! Here are 10 ways to improve your sexual relationship with your spouse so that you can enjoy better communication, deeper intimacy and more fulfillment as a couple.

Have a Set Time For Sex

Sex is a fun, healthy and natural act. However, in some relationships sex becomes unfulfilling and the spark of passion dwindles. One way you can reignite that spark and improve your sexual relationship with your spouse is by scheduling it. Set aside time for sex—a few times a week—with your spouse.

Start by establishing what you’re both comfortable with (daily? twice a month?) and then set the time for that night on your calendar. Keep it free for as long as you’d like! This may seem simple but I promise it will have an impact on your marriage in ways you never thought possible.

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Keep Communication Open

Communication is the key to a great sexual relationship with your spouse. There are many things that you may not want to talk about but it is important that you do so as often as possible. It’s okay if you don’t always have something new or exciting to say, but keeping communication open will allow for intimacy and connection between you and your spouse.

1) Have conversations about things in the bedroom: what feels good, what doesn’t feel good, etc.

Take Turns Initiating Sex

1) Take turns initiating sex. Initiating sex is not about taking charge. There’s a difference between being the one who always initiates sex, and making sure your spouse also has the opportunity to initiate it as well. When you take turns initiating sex, each partner feels equally desired and both are likely to be more satisfied with their sexual relationship overall.

2) Be open-minded about your sexual desires. There is no such thing as normal when it comes to sexuality and what we find arousing or sexy. If there’s something new you want to try, or if you’ve always wanted to explore your fantasies, bring them up in a loving way with your spouse and see how they feel! 3) Don’t pressure yourself during foreplay.

Have Fun

Have Fun

Having a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse is one of the best ways to improve your marriage. It’s important for couples to keep their sex lives fresh and exciting. You can help by following these ten tips: – Introduce new things in the bedroom- try new positions, different locations, role play, etc. – Be willing to ask for what you want in bed- if you have a desire or fantasy make sure you tell your partner about it!

Change your Pattern of Initiating Sex

It’s important for both spouses to find a way of initiating sex. We suggest that one spouse changes their pattern so the other spouse can feel more comfortable and less pressured. Try initiating sex once per week, or at certain times when your spouse would usually initiate it. This will allow your spouse to feel like they’re the one in control of the sexual situation, which is important for maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with them.

Ask Questions

  1. How do you and your spouse feel about your sexual relationship? Are you satisfied with what you’re experiencing, or would you like more sex?
  2. Do either of you experience any pain during intercourse or other sexual activity?
  3. Is there a significant difference in your desire for sex, such as one of you wanting it more than the other?
  4. Do either of you have an STD that might be causing problems?
  5. If there is a difference in desire, does one person feel like he or she is always initiating sex and the other person isn’t interested most of the time?
  6. What are some things that are getting in the way of having satisfying sex for both people involved?

Mix It Up

  1. Be open minded. One of the most important aspects of a healthy sexual relationship is being open-minded and willing to try new things. If you’re not willing, you may be missing out on some great opportunities for connection and intimacy with your spouse.
  2. Communicate openly and honestly. The importance of communicating openly and honestly in a marriage cannot be overstated because it’s so vital in establishing trust, understanding, comfort, and safety during sex with your spouse. When you feel safe enough to share about what turns you on or off, it can lead to more satisfying sex for both partners because it gives them an opportunity understand what the other desires from their sexual relationship with them (and vice versa).



There are many ways you can have a sexual relationship with your spouse. You can experiment and try new things that get each of you excited about the intimate moments. One way is to try having sex in places other than the bedroom. Another way is to engage in foreplay before actual intercourse. There are many more things you can do as well, but experimenting will help improve your sexual relationship with your spouse.

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Learn about Each Other’s Fantasies

One of the best ways to improve your sexual relationship with your spouse is learning more about what they fantasize about. If you are not sure how, ask them for their fantasies and do it for them. Listen and try not to judge if you find anything too weird or unappealing. This will help you understand each other better and make the experience more enjoyable.

Communicate About What You Like

Sexual intimacy can be a powerful way to communicate with your spouse. Pay attention to your partner and ask them what they like in bed. Communicate with them about what you like, too. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but if there’s something that you’re interested in trying, talk about it. Be open and honest with each other about sex and find out what works for both of you!


Here are some quick tips for improving your sexual relationship with your spouse:

  • Communicate about what you want sexually, and what you don’t want.
  • Get naked together in the same room at least once a week and enjoy each other’s bodies.
  • Touch each other frequently during the day; it stimulates desire and sex is more fun when there is lots of touching!
  • Have sex in different places; just because you always have sex on the couch doesn’t mean that’s all there is! Try having sex on the kitchen counter, on a staircase, or even in a public place like an elevator! Experimenting with different locations can keep things fresh.
  •  Compliment your partner every chance you get.


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