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5 Reasons Why Central Florida Health Care is the Best in Winter Haven

Central Florida Health Care has become the go-to medical facility in Winter Haven, Florida. Though many factors contribute to the hospital’s success, there are 5 that stand out above all others. Let’s take a look at why Central Florida Health Care has become Winter Haven’s premier medical provider!

1) They Offer A Wide Range Of Services.

Central Florida Health Care Winter Haven offers a wide range of services to help you maintain your health. They have physical therapy, medical imaging, and lab services for diagnostic testing, as well as occupational and speech therapy. Their professional staff is there to help you meet your goals.

Central Florida Healthcare is located on the corner of Cypress Gardens Blvd and US Hwy 17-92 in beautiful downtown Winter Haven, FL.

2) They Have A Highly Skilled And Experienced Staff.

They Have A Highly Skilled And Experienced StaffOur highly skilled and experienced staff uses every opportunity they can to give you the best care possible. We’re always improving our equipment and educational standards to ensure that your visit is as successful and comfortable as possible. Plus, our knowledgeable staff has over 160 combined years of experience, so we know how to find a quick solution for those tough issues. Stop by for your appointment today, because here at CFHC Winter Haven we always go above and beyond for you.

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3) They Use The Latest Technology.

Technology has advanced so quickly that many people use it without thinking about it. But what if you don’t know how to use a computer That’s okay, they’re here to help! Winter haven central Florida health care uses new and upcoming technology that makes life easier for you and your loved ones.

They always have someone available at all times, so there’s no need for waiting rooms or receptionists. Do- Need medication delivered You can fill out the request and choose when you want it dropped off at home! – Families can check on their relatives from home because we have cameras positioned throughout our facility. – Our technology works seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet as long as you have downloaded an app.

4) They Have A Great Location.

Central Florida Health Care Winter HavenCentral Florida Health care has been providing services to people in Winter Haven for over five years. They offer a number of different services at all hours, and they have such a large facility that you can be seen without an appointment as long as you come early enough. The hours of operation are convenient, it’s just off the highway, and they have all kinds of parking. If you are looking for an easy location, a central Florida health care winter haven phone number has everything you need!

5) They Offer Competitive Pricing.

Central Florida Health Care in Winter Haven, FL offers competitive pricing for all of its different services. Whether you need rehabilitation therapy or a cardiovascular evaluation, we have something for everyone at an affordable price. We also offer special discounts to patients who are Medicare recipients and those who are veterans. All our services are available to you at any time of day or night, so we’re sure that whatever your needs may be, we can help get you back on your feet!

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For a leading provider of health care for your loved ones, be sure to head over to Central Florida Health Care Winter Haven. Central Florida Health Care Winter Haven has been serving patients since 1964 and is committed to providing a high level of medical care while delivering what they say it will do. Central Florida Health Care Winter Haven was one of only three hospitals named an Outstanding Teaching Hospital in America by Teaching Hospitals & Medical Schools Magazine for 2017.

We have spent more than 20 years developing collaborative relationships with more than 100 community physicians who have aligned their practices with Central Florida Health Care’s hospital-based specialists and general practitioners. They offer up-to-date information about the newest treatments and procedures through their informative website which features helpful articles about a range of topics from diabetes management to carpal tunnel syndrome treatment options.



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