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5 Reasons Why Christmas is the Best Time of Year

Christmas is an exciting time of year where you can spend time with friends and family, do work that matters to you, and enjoy the simple things in life – like food, fun, games, and great gifts! Whether you’re celebrating your first Christmas or your hundredth, there are plenty of reasons why Christmas should be your favorite holiday! Let’s go over some of the best reasons why Christmas is the best time of year!

The Parties

The Parties

The parties. The food. The drinks. The presents. The celebrations. Ah, Christmas day – what’s not to love? When you’re huddled around a warm fire listening to sleigh bells in a quiet winter wonderland, Christmas day seems like heaven on earth. But it gets even better: when you get all your gifts and treat less than one big pine tree… (Sorry – we had to.) Even if you don’t have fond memories of past Christmases, there’s no denying that there’s something magical about December 25th (and we’ll be first in line to tell you why). With our help though, here are 5 reasons why Christmas day should always be a time for celebration and happiness!

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Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts


On Christmas day we all give gifts to each other. What better way to say thanks for our friends, family and loved ones? Everyone is happy and we celebrate a great life. The giving becomes us, because at Christmas we want only one thing: joy, peace and good will for everyone! That’s why it’s not just Santa Claus who brings presents around at Christmastime; it’s all of us together! And in order to give something special you need to know what that special gift really means. This Christmas, gift someone else with a donation made in their name or money given to charity instead of a present they won’t need again next year.

No Work during Christmas

Relax and let someone else cook. Go home for Christmas. Use any excuse you can find to spend more time with family and friends during Christmas time than at any other time of year. Unless you have an amazing team that can cover your workload, don’t work on Christmas day.

The people you love need you to be there for them. If you are stuck working on Christmas day then make sure you get out early enough so that you can enjoy some Christmas cheer before bedtime.

If you are stuck in a job where they expect people to work over Christmas then maybe it’s time to start looking for a new job? Maybe it’s not worth it? I know many people who dread going into work over Christmas because their boss expects them to pull extra shifts or do extra overtime or whatever – but really what kind of boss wants their employees working on such a special occasion? The kind of boss who should be fired!

Getting Dressed Up

Getting Dressed Up

Gowns, suits and cocktail dresses are what come to mind when most people think about dress up. On Christmas day or any other special event, we spend time getting dressed up. It could be that you’re getting all glammed up to attend a party, or maybe even going as far as a Christmas Eve service at your local church. While dressing in more formal attire may not seem like it’s all that fun, there are plenty of reasons why you should make it a tradition for yourself and for others in your life to do so. Here are five good reasons why you should dress more formally

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

Love them or hate them, we all know at least a few Christmas carols. In fact, at least three in ten can sing every word to Jingle Bells, Silent Night and White Christmas. The songs themselves may seem like silly anachronisms, but researchers from Goldsmith’s University of London have shown that listening to these very carols actually reduces levels of Christmas-related loneliness – so whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, crank up some holiday tunes as you celebrate a merry Christmas with family and friends!

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