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Can Jimmy Garoppolo Lead the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl Win

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo looks to lead his team to Super Bowl glory after becoming the highest-paid player in the league this offseason, but can he win it all Garoppolo has started just seven games in his NFL career, and will be facing an uphill battle if he wants to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Still, he appears up to the challenge and ready to lead the 49ers all the way to victory on football’s biggest stage!

What makes Jimmy G Special?

What makes Jimmy G Special

The recent addition of veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has caused quite the stir in San Francisco. The nine-year veteran is now at the helm of his third NFL franchise, and thus far he has shown that he can lead teams to success. But as for whether or not he can lead the 49ers to their first-ever Super Bowl win, this remains to be seen. His illustrious rookie campaign with New England back in 2012 may just be enough for fans and experts alike to have confidence that Jimmy G is ready for such an undertaking.

How Did Garoppolo Perform In His 4 Starts Last Season

How Did Garoppolo Perform In His 4 Starts Last Season

Jimmy Garoppolo had an impressive first season with the San Francisco 49ers. In his four starts, he completed 68% of his passes and averaged 308 passing yards per game. He also had six touchdowns and only two interceptions. The Jimmy G led offense put up 40 points in three of their four games, including 33 against Seattle and 38 against Detroit.

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How He Won 5 Games As The Patriots Back Up QB

When Jimmy Garoppolo took over for Tom Brady, he immediately became one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. With his mobility and quick release, he threw for 1,560 yards and led his team to 5 wins. For any other quarterback it would be enough to win MVP, but not for Brady. When he returned from suspension, he reclaimed his place as starting quarterback and Garoppolo sat on the bench. The next season was tough with Garoppolo only able to play in 3 games due to injury. He is now on a new team that needs him more than ever the San Francisco 49ers.

Comparing him to other franchise QBs

Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is poised for greatness. He has been on several teams and was finally traded to a team that needs him. His performance so far in his brief stint with the team has been promising and filled with potential. The best part about it is that he does not have any pressure because he does not need to lead them all of the way to the playoffs or win them a championship right away.

What if he doesn’t win it all now?

Jimmy Garoppolo is currently a backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and this season he’s played phenomenally well. He has taken over for an injured Brian Hoyer and has helped lead the team to three straight wins. During that time he has averaged 321 yards and two touchdowns per game while throwing only one interception. He also managed those numbers while completing 61% of his passes, which is really solid considering he hasn’t played much in recent years. It seems like now would be as good of time as any to ask What if he doesn’t win it all now I know it’s cliché, but how does one answer that question There are so many variables that need considered when thinking about this question. Will his chemistry with receivers continue at such a high level?

Comparing him to Brady, Brees, and Rodgers

Jimmy Garoppolo is an intriguing figure in the NFL. Drafted by the Patriots in 2014, he spent his first three seasons backing up Tom Brady. In 2017, he got his chance to start when Brady went down with a season-ending injury. While there was some speculation that he might be traded, his impressive performance as starter led to him getting signed by the San Francisco 49ers for $137.5 million over five years (with $74 million guaranteed).

Garoppolo has been touted as one of the best backup quarterbacks in recent history because he doesn’t have many starts under his belt, but he’s been prolific in those starts and displayed traits that would make him worthy of being starter on any team looking for one.

3 Ways That He Could Go Down In History as the Best QB Of All Time

No NFL quarterback has won more games than Tom Brady. And while there are no denying Brady’s contributions on and off the field, he may be retiring soon. After years of being arguably one of the best quarterbacks in football, who is ready to be just as good if not better than what Brady did for New England Patriots fans For one, look at San Francisco 49ers news about their new QB and see if he can lead them to another Super Bowl victory.

1) If you want someone who will thrive under pressure, then please consider Garoppolo.

San Francisco 49ers News Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers News Jimmy Garoppolo

In an effort to avoid any bitter rivalries in their conference, the New England Patriots traded Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on October 30th of 2017. The SF-born quarterback said he was shocked by the move.

49er fans have been ecstatic that they got such a promising player without having to trade up for him or giving up valuable draft picks. Once he gets settled in, expectations are sky-high for him, so it is no surprise that 49er news has been buzzing about this new QB’s potential.

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