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Can You Buy A Number Plate From A Scrapped Car?

Scrap cars are those which you are no longer eligible to drive on roads or they are junk. According to the government laws, every car is considered scrap after a certain period when it start emitting harmful gasses and become the cause of pollution. If we relate this with our topic, scrapped cars’ plates can be assigned to another vehicles.

Yes, you’ve heard the right. You can do purchase plates from scrapped cars but the plates should be on retention by the owners before scrapping the cars. If you don’t know what’s actually the retention & plates transferring procedure by DVLA, stay with this page.

Here we are going to share with you the possible ways how you can buy plates from a scrapped car. All you have to do is, pay thorough attention to this article and be good to go.

Buying Number Plate From A Scrapped Car

It has been clearly declared by the government that if you intended to recycle number plates from a scrapped car, then it’s illegal. No matter these are 3D, 4D number plates or any other. In fact, you might be fined up to £1000 along with the license crises. But yes, you can contact scrapped car owners and ask them to transfer the plates to your vehicle.

You can pay them for the plates and with the help of DVLA’s legal procedures you can get the particular scrapped vehicle’s plates and put them onto your car. There is a process named “retention” which is adopted by car owners before scrapping their cars. This allows to hold number plates for up to 10 years, and that’s how they promote car scrapping and save plates.

DVLA charge specific fee and car owners need to go with a short procedure which can be even done online. So, you can contact car owners and get the plates of their scrapped cars.

Steps the particular scrapped car owner need to follow while transferring plates to your vehicle.

  • He needs to visit DVLA’s online website and get the form for transferring plates to a new vehicle which is yours
  • Fill the form and pay fee for transferring plates (might be £80)
  • The form will be received, checked and inspected by the department and then approved

That’s all and now you are the new owner of those plates. Although, everything is quite simple and easy to follow but if you are still confused in anything else we recommend you connect with an authorized plates maker.

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