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Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Hit With Another Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit While on NFL Suspension

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Hit With Another Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit While on NFL Suspension, If youÆre having trouble keeping up with the latest legal troubles of Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, weÆve put together this comprehensive guide to help you stay on top of the story. In short, Watson has been accused of sexual misconduct in three separate lawsuits involving two different women, which he has denied in statements provided by his lawyer. WeÆll break down each case below, along with reactions from across the sports world and the NFLÆs official response to the situation.

Timeline September 2017 û December 2018

It has been an eventful year for Cleveland Browns Quarterback, Deshaun Watson. After a stellar rookie season in which he took home Rookie of the Year honors, he was one of several people who were named in a sexual misconduct lawsuit stemming from an incident that occurred at a Florida nightclub back in February 2018.

Since that time he has also been hit with another lawsuit involving another woman and two young men, one of whom died after falling out of a window at an apartment complex near downtown Indy early Saturday morning. The other man remains in serious condition at IU Methodist Hospital. Now ESPNÆs Adam Schefter is reporting that yet another woman is accusing him of sexual misconduct and abuse while they were attending Clemson University together.


Cleveland Brown’s rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson was suspended from his team for violating their sexual misconduct policy. As if losing against the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t bad enough for fans to swallow, news about one of their favorite players turned into a sour game day experience.

Before Sunday’s game in Week 10 against Pittsburgh Steelers, it was reported that Cleveland Browns’ star quarterback, DeShone Kizer, would be benched in favor of backup signal caller, Kevin Hogan. It seems as though head coach Hue Jackson has officially had enough with his sophomore quarterbackÆs performance and decided he would give Hogan a chance at starting instead.

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New Accusations

According to a report from TMZ, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is facing another lawsuit over alleged sexual misconduct. The latest accuser says she met up with him after he invited her via social media. He allegedly took her back to his hotel room, and then proceeded to force himself on her while she repeatedly said no.

She says he tore her clothes off and repeatedly had sex with her without her consentùeven after she asked him to stop. As soon as he finished, he told her that it was time for them to leave. She said she felt like a whore. Her lawyers say itÆs clear that despicable actions…are part of a pattern. TheyÆre suing for at least $1 million in damages.

Breaking down The Allegations

A 27-year-old woman has sued Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, claiming that he sexually assaulted her in July at a hotel room in Tempe, Arizona. The lawsuit is being filed as a Jane Doe, because of fears over retaliation and harassment.

According to reports, she claims that after meeting with friends at a bar during an event hosted by Arizona State University, she went back to her hotel room, along with multiple other attendees. After having several drinks before returning to her room and passing out, she alleges that she awoke to find Watson next to her in bed with his penis out; he then allegedly proceeded to have sex with her despite being told no twice.

Why is He Still Eligible to Play

Why is He Still Eligible to Play

A month ago, another woman accused Houston Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson of sexually assaulting her. The accusation was made public after he signed a four-year, $103 million contract extension with Houston. The allegation is that he sexually assaulted a woman back in 2017, but charges were never filed against him.

Because no charges have been filed against him and there are no pending lawsuits at present time, he remains eligible to play for the Houston Texans and its owner Bob McNair is standing by his decision to keep him on their team.

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Fan Response

The latest lawsuit involves a woman from a Colorado nightclub who claims that she was assaulted by Houston TexansÆ offensive tackle Duane Brown during his tenure with the team. The claim comes days after a prior lawsuit against Houston TexansÆ wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer alleging sexual assault at different venues in Ohio last year.

According to TMZ Sports, [the] new suit says while they were partying at Hyde Nightclub back in August, an inebriated Kizer approached her and grabbed her crotch. She says he then dragged her into a bathroom stall, where he forced her to have sex with him despite repeatedly telling him no and to stop.

The Inconvenience of Two Quarterbacks Getting Hurt Simultaneously

ItÆs not every day that an NFL team is forced to play two quarterbacks at once, but thatÆs exactly what happened to Cleveland. In Week 7, when both starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor and backup Baker Mayfield went down with knee injuries, head coach Hue Jackson had no choice but to turn to rookie QB Drew Stantonùwhich was unfortunate because it coincided with a tough game against division rival Baltimore. The Ravens won 23û16 and pushed ClevelandÆs record down to 0û7. It wasnÆt pretty.

Takeaways for Brands

If you have female customers or employees, be wary of associating yourself with athletes who have been accused of sexual misconduct. The case of former Cleveland Browns quarterback and current free agent player Deshaun Watson is a prime example of how that can backfire.

On January 27, 2019, a woman filed a lawsuit against both Watson and his agent for allegedly assaulting her during recruiting events in 2015. In April 2018, two separate lawsuits were brought against him by two women claiming similar incidents occurred during recruiting visits to Clemson University. Due to his suspension, he wonÆt be playing football until at least September 2019ùbut even then, itÆs unclear whether heÆll get another chance with an NFL team or not.

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