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Does Window Tint Go On The Inside Or Outside?

Several car owners tend to install window films inside in order to protect them from physical damage. But, the question is can window tint go on the outside since this option has several advantages such as flexibility, accessibility, and hard-wearing. In addition, it can reject heat in a more effective manner compared to interior film and offers enhanced privacy.

Tint manufacturers these days give their best to increase outside window film’s durability, aesthetics and performance. In a few cases, it is almost impossible to access the car tinted windows from the inside to apply the film, therefore this solution is perfect, specifically for offices. It is also worth checking this option before you get to darken your car windows.

Window Tint Interior Vs Exterior?

The car window tint is generally fitted inside of the glass. While you may see tint installers installing the film on the exterior of the glass, it will just be in the earlier phases to shrink and cut the film to the right shape and size before getting installed on the interior of the glass.

The straight answer is that window tint is basically installed on the interior of your vehicle windows. It is because installing tint on the interior prevents it from potential damage by anything that has the ability to cause damage to the exterior of your windows. When you tint the interior of your car windows, there is no need to worry regarding rocks chipping the tint to dust and dirt blurring your tint.

It isn’t to say there are not any cases where window tints are installed on the exterior. Tints can be installed on the exterior or interior of the window, but a good window tint installer will always install it on the interior to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting can reduce glare, and can help keep the inside of your car cooler. Also, it can help enhance security and privacy. In case you are thinking about window tinting for your car, make sure that you know where the tint can go. It is crucial that you apply the film to the exterior of the window so that it looks better and lasts longer.

Tips for a Perfect Tint

While you are installing a tint on your car’s window, it is important to prevent getting frustrated. Tint bubbles can take place but they are removable. In case you get frustrated, you may look to rush into the process and hence cause mistakes. Rushing into it can only enhance the risk of making mistakes and can lead to lower quality tinting. Be patient and take your time. It is important that you do the job in a perfect manner and enjoy all the benefits of window tinting on your car for years to come. Make sure to clean the surface of glass after you install or apply window tint. If the glass surface isn’t cleaned well, the film may not adhere and may peel off.



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