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How Do Charity Foundations Work?

An organization whose main goals are philanthropy and social welfare is known as a charitable organization or charity, e.g., educational, religious, or other activities serving the public interest or common good. There are regional and international differences in the legal definitions of charities and charitable organizations. There are differences in regulation, taxation, and how charity legislation affects charitable organizations. Charitable organizations are prohibited from using any of their funds for the benefit of particular people or entities.

Depending on whether it is a private or a governmental foundation, a charity foundation accepts donations from a variety of sources and is often free from taxes. There are many different kinds of charity foundations since they are all established to support a particular cause or benefit a particular community. However, some charity organizations have come under fire for paying the wages of their leadership with a disproportionate share of their income.

Zohra Foundation

The Zohra Foundation is a charity with UK registration that works to better the lives of masses of orphans, widows, and elderly people in Pakistan, as well as respond to crises elsewhere in the world. We prioritize ensuring that the underprivileged and vulnerable population receives the essential services they require to survive through our Adapting a Grandparent program, Orphan Sponsorship program, medical camps, social assistance, and food help.

Different Programs Offered by Zohra Foundation

  1. Adopting a Grandparent: The elderly and underprivileged in Pakistan have been empowered by our Adopt a Grandparent program for more than five years. Elderly men and women in Pakistan are increasingly experiencing melancholy, financial exploitation, and deprivation, which is contributing to the region’s rising elderly suicide rates. You may give older people free medical care, food, and shelter, as well as assistance to their caretakers, for just £25 each month.
  2. Dementia treatment facilities: For the past five years, the Zohra Foundation has been operating special dementia treatment facilities in Pakistan. The most prevalent kinds worldwide and in Pakistan are Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia (typically following a stroke). The same symptoms can also be caused by a number of other treatable illnesses, such as vitamin and thyroid deficits. Our staff can then offer patients and their families the most appropriate medical and emotional care after the type of dementia has been determined.
  3. Free Eye Camps: Regular eye exams are performed at our free eye camps all over Pakistan to treat existing disorders, alleviate physical discomfort, and stop additional damage. Additionally, we provide free eye surgery and free eyeglasses to address near and farsightedness.
  4. Shelter: You will fulfill your Islamic obligation to take care of your elders and save a life and provide shelter by helping Zohra Foundation with your Zakat and Sadaqah.
  5. Zakat and Sadaqah Collection: Zohra Foundation collects zakat and Sadaqah from all over the world and spends them on people who are genuinely eligible for that.

Types of Charitable Foundations and how they Work?

  • Public service: An organization that primarily awards grants and receives funding from the general public is known as a public charity. This implies that public charities frequently acquire their money from a variety of sources, including private foundations, government organizations, and individual donors.
  • Privately funded: A private foundation is a non-profit organization that is controlled by a single person, a family, or a business. Typically, private foundations receive financial backing from resources like the foundation’s owner’s family.
  • A community foundation: A community foundation is a charity organization that prioritizes funding initiatives inside a particular community.
  • Business basis: A charity organization that is founded and supported by a corporation is known as a corporate foundation, sometimes known as a company-sponsored foundation.




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