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Mohawk High School’s Football Team is On Fire This Season!

It’s no secret that Mohawk High School’s football team has been on fire this season. As of the last game, they have won nine consecutive games and have only allowed three touchdowns all season long. At the end of the ninth game, they were named Division III State Champions! How did this happen? Here are some factors that are contributing to their success in the league this season.

The Team’s Impressive Record

The Team's Impressive Record Mohawk High School's Football Team

This year, the Mohawk High School’s football team has performed better than ever before. In the first half of their season, the team went undefeated with a 7-0 record. The team has been especially strong in their defense and has only allowed one touchdown over that time span. They are currently ranked 5th out of 16 teams in the league and are on pace to make it to the playoffs for the third consecutive year. Not only that, but they’ve also had an impressive win streak recently with three wins in a row against tough opponents like Northside and Eastwood. All this makes us wonder if they’ll be able to continue this winning streak come playoff season!

The Team’s Strong Defense

The Team's Strong Defense Mohawk High School's Football Team

The Mohawk High school’s football team has been on fire this season. In the past three games, they have only given up seven points total and have not allowed a touchdown the entire season. Along with strong defense, the team relies on solid special teams to play as well. If there was one statistic that demonstrates their success it would be their 75% turnover rate in their last game against Pelham Union where they intercepted six passes on defense and recovered four fumbles on offense. It’s also worth noting that senior QB Nick Ayotte is second in the state with an average quarterback rating of 210 while also leading his team to a 9-0 record this season.

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The Team’s Explosive Offense

The Mohawk High school’s football team has been on fire this season, with their explosive offense. They have one of the most talented offenses in the league, and their quarterback is one of the most talented players.

This season they have scored more than 400 points, which is a feat that not many teams in our conference can say they’ve accomplished.

Their quarterback has had a lot to do with that success and he has been named an All-League player for this season.

They just won their division, and now they’re off to the playoffs where they’ll play against another division winner for a shot at state championships.

The Team’s Dedicated Fans

The Mohawk High school’s football team has been on fire this season. They have not lost a single game, and they have yet to tie a game. The team has played hard, and it shows in their play. The team practices three times a week and the players are committed to the program. I love being able to go to every home game because of how close the community is to the team–everyone comes out in support of them, which makes for an amazing atmosphere.

The Team’s Upcoming Games

The Mohawk High School’s football team has been on fire this season, with a 5-1 record. They will be playing against the Erie Technological Institute on October 31 at 4 pm and it is our hope that they will come out of the game unscathed. The Erie Tech team isn’t as strong as some of Mohawk’s past opponents, but they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. With only three games left in the season, it is essential that they do not become complacent or underestimate their opponents.

What The Experts Are Saying

This has been a great season for the Mohawk High School’s football team. They have won most of their games and are undefeated in their conference. It is said that the team has never been better, as they are ranked number one in the state of Illinois. One coach had this to say about the team, they’re young, but I like them. They’ve got fire.

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