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The American Lie That Jason Whitlock Says Is Ruining Tom Brady’s Career

The American Lie That Jason Whitlock Says Is Ruining Tom Brady’s Career, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has had an illustrious career that has produced many accolades and awards, including being named the Super Bowl MVP four times and the NFL MVP twice. However, in an opinion piece for Fox Sports, writer Jason Whitlock explains how an American lie about quarterbacks has ruined Brady’s career; including keeping him from becoming the greatest quarterback of all time.

How do you think this lie affects Brady’s career Why do you think it happened Is there another aspect of football that makes this lie possible What are some ways that have been suggested to resolve this lie

What Tom Brady Did Was Wrong

What Tom Brady Did Was Wrong

Tom Brady is a liar. He cheated and he lied about it for months. His punishment for this crime was a four game suspension to start the season, but his team and his agent did everything they could to push back against the NFL and get him back on the field as soon as possible. The commissioner of the NFL finally gave in and allowed him to play, but Tom Brady’s career is over.

Tom Brady will always be remembered for being a cheater. His legacy will never change no matter how many Super Bowls he wins or records he breaks because he has already been defined by one act of dishonesty in his life.

But It Wasn’t Worth Jail Time or Cost Him His Career

Despite the Patriots being tipped off by a ball boy who scuffed the footballs, Tom Brady had no knowledge that he would be given deflated balls to throw. It was not worth it for him to knowingly break the rules and risk going to jail or losing his career when he wasn’t even told that there were supposed to be 11 fully inflated balls.

Furthermore, if Tom knew of someone deflating the balls, they were supposed to tell him so that he would know and make adjustments. The American lie of cheating is what has ruined Tom Brady’s career.

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In America, Bad Guys Get Away with Their Crimes Because They’re Rich and Famous

This is the American lie that Jason Whitlock says is ruining Tom Brady’s career. He believes that because Tom Brady has a high-profile job, he will get away with whatever he wants. And what Tom Brady wants most is a Super Bowl victory for the New England Patriots, his employer.

Jason Whitlock may have good intentions but I don’t think it’s fair to say that people are getting away with crimes because they’re rich and famous in America. I’m sure that there are plenty of people in America who are getting away with crimes even though they’re poor and not famous at all.

Blaming Patriots’ Coach Bill Belichick Is Stupid

Blaming Patriots' Coach Bill Belichick Is Stupid

Why is it that, no matter what Tom Brady does, all people want to do is trash him and his coach Bill Belichick It was the Patriots’ coach who chose not to keep former assistant coach Brian Daboll on the roster this season. And yet, every time something goes wrong for the Pats in the playoffs, all of America is lining up to blame Belichick.

As if he had a crystal ball telling him where and when Julian Edelman or Danny Amendola would get hurt. If you ask me, there has always been one major problem with Tom Brady’s career coaching incompetence.

Put Aside What He Did In the Past, He’s One of the Best Qbs Ever

Put Aside What He Did In the Past, He's One of the Best Qbs Ever

Tom Brady’s career has been anything but conventional. He battled through an up and down 2008 season, including a disappointing Super Bowl loss. In 2009 he set the NFL on fire with a comeback victory against the Colts in Indianapolis and cemented his legacy of greatness by defeating the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers (Big Ben, Troy Polamalu and all) in game 7 at Heinz Field to bring home not only a seventh Super Bowl title but also a record-setting fourth MVP award.

Unfortunately for Tom, 2010 has seen more troubles as he once again started slow before rebounding late in the season with his most impressive performance since his historic 2009 campaign. The reason Once again, injuries.

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