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The Top Five Corporate Technology Head Crossword Clues

The crossword puzzle in today’s newspaper features the following clue: Head of Corporate Technology (6, 8)—corporate technology head crossword clue. Crossword puzzles are designed to be challenging and fun, but this one might be more difficult than usual because of the industry-specific terms involved. To answer it correctly, you need to recognize that all of these terms can refer to the same job position—a chief information officer (CIO). Here are the top five corporate technology head crossword clue answers.

Crosswords Are a Great Way to Improve Your Mental Acuity

Crosswords Are a Great Way to Improve Your Mental Acuity

Corporate technology heads oversee any technical aspects of a company and are in charge of implementing new technology to enhance the company’s productivity. More often than not, they have top-level corporate titles (e.g. chief information officer, head of IT).

Many puzzle enthusiasts look to crosswords as a great way to improve their mental acuity while also doing some word puzzles. These head crossword clues will help you figure out who corporate technology heads are by giving you some keywords that might be used when describing them. This can give you an idea of what kind of words would be found in a typical clue that references this occupational category: Corporations, Information Systems Director, Head IT Department, and Computer Operations Lead Person

You Can Also Learn New Vocabulary by Using Them

Technology is a word that can be used in many contexts, but it often refers to the hardware and software that companies use. A head crossword clue for ‘corporate technology’ would be something like a corporation’s chief executive officer. This would also work if you had the letters CTO instead of CEO.

In this case, you could say A technology company’s chief executive officer.

Both of these examples refer to a person who is in charge of overseeing the company’s technological needs.

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Corporate Technology Head Crosswords Are Especially Challenging

Crosswords are a great way to exercise your brain, but corporate technology head crosswords are incredibly challenging. Some clues can have different meanings if you’re not in the industry. For example, an acronym could mean one thing to those outsides of the tech industry and something else to those who work inside it. Other words may have different spellings that might throw you off while solving the puzzle. One example is the cloud which many people think of as a cloud. The word is spelled with two Ds: C-L-O-U-D (emphasis added).

If you want to be good at corporate technology head crosswords, study some common acronyms like DNS (Domain Name System) or HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Those acronyms can show up more than once in a single puzzle.

Here Are the Top Five Corporate Technology Head Crossword Clues

Here Are the Top Five Corporate Technology Head Crossword Clues

A corporate technology head crosswords clue will be the first word, with five more words that can be used to fill in the blank. The best part is you don’t even have to know how to do a crossword puzzle. You need to know the five corporate technology head clues listed below and their definitions and then unscramble them by using logic and putting them into a sentence.

A lot of people find it helps if they write out the sentences on paper before solving them so they know exactly what each word will represent in the sentence. You can also unscramble letters yourself, but writing each letter in its box on a sheet of paper makes it easier than writing one letter at a time. So, let’s get started!

Good Luck!

There are a lot of really cool and different corporate technology head crosswords clues, but these are some of the most common.

  1. The head of a company that deals with information technology.
  2. A piece of hardware typically used in an office or home that transmits and receives data over telecommunications lines, such as the internet or telephone network: computer, monitor, router, and printer.

An executive who reports to the CEO and is responsible for overseeing business operations and administering policies: President/CEO, VP, etc., General Manager, etc., Director, etc., Vice President (VP) of Sales, etc.

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