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5 Ways To Write Effective PPC Ads

Writing strong PPC ads is the key to getting higher traffic to your website. It can be quite more complicated than it looks, and it can make a massive difference between losing and earning a sale. Hence, you have to be able to write ads, and you have to write them perfectly. In order to get the most out of your PPC ads, you need to start with basics. Here are 5 ways to write effective PPC ads:

1. Write Continuously

While you are writing ads, you don’t need to have great room to work with. The standard of PPC on Google ads, you have 95 characters than you can use. You can use 25 words for the heading and 35 words for the next couple of lines. The average sentence can be around 100 characters long, hence, you need to make every digit, letter and space count while you are writing. The most effective way to do this is to research the words that can get more clicks.

2. Use Relevant Keywords

While you are targeting keywords, a PPC agency Manchester, recommends targeting relevant keywords only in your ads. PPC outlets like Google highlight relevant phrases and terms that you have in your PPC ads, which makes them stand out among your competitors. The more you stand out, the more likely they would click to your ad. In case you don’t use relevant keywords, you will have to rely on the ability of Google to match someone’s query to a relevant term used in your ad.

3. Use Symbols

Numbers, spaces and letters are recognized to everyone. Hence, using them may help you get the engagement that you need from someone seeing your ad. It is why symbols are pretty effective additions to the PPC ads. Sometimes, even some common symbols, such as a trademark sign can get the attention of a user and get him to your website.

4. Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can be called plugins to your PPC management software that help you add specific features to your PPC ads. Such features may include additional links, submission forms, and singular thighs that can help grab the attention of your targeted customers. Ad extensions can stand out to the users since it eliminates a step between them and identifying information that they look for. With a regular ad, they need to click the ad and get to a new page which is completely unknown to them. Through ad extensions, they can provide you information and quickly know what they can get from your ad.

5. Highlight the Selling Points

PPC can be a highly competitive marketing approach, and hence you need to show that you are better than your competitors. In order to do that, it is crucial that you tell your users what makes your services and products unique. Is it the lower prices? Your durable products or your streamlined services? In any case, they should be present in your PPC ad.



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