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What is the Sleepy Chicken TikTok Trend

The sleepy chicken TikTok trend has taken the internet by storm, with people uploading videos of their chortling chickens to social media as entertainment and as a way to spend time after work and before going to bed. But what is the sleepy chicken TikTok trend, and how did it become such an online sensation this article will tell you everything you need to know about this trending phenomenon, from its origins to how others are following suit in creating their own TikTok videos featuring chickens and other animals yawning. It’ll also give you tips on making the most out of your own sleepy chicken TikTok videos!

The History of the Sleepy Chicken

The History of the Sleepy Chicken

The sleepy chicken is a piece of footage that has been used in many TikTok videos. It depicts a man sleepily rubbing his hands together, while moving his head up and down. The footage can be seen as people are falling asleep or struggling to stay awake.

This peculiar TikTok trend was brought to life after an Instagram user posted the video in November of 2018. His first post of this series was captioned AHHHHHHHHHHH! The original footage is unclear as it has since been removed from YouTube; however, other users have uploaded copies onto their accounts.

After posting this video, many others began to follow suit by using the sleepy chicken clip in their own clips on TikTok.

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Why it’s So Popular

Why it’s So Popular

The Sleepy Chicken TikTok trend may seem bizarre, but it’s actually a popular challenge on social media. The challenge involves posing like a chicken while sleeping and capturing that pose with the camera in TikTok mode. It was first created by comedian Shiggy who uploaded his video to Instagram and then shared it to Twitter. The hashtag #SleepyChickenChallenge soon caught on, and has now been used more than 1 million times on Instagram alone. People post videos of themselves following this challenge for fun as well as for charity purposes such as cancer awareness or suicide prevention awareness.

How to Do it Yourself

Sleepy Chicken is a popular TikTok trend where you put your arm over your head and pretend to be asleep. It’s not clear when it originated, but it became popular after a video of someone doing this went viral on social media.

1) Put your arm over your head so that your hand rests on the opposite side of your face. 2) Start yawning and make noises like you are sleeping. 3) Mimic snoring as you finish yawning and make noises like you are sleeping. 4) Keep making sounds like you’re asleep until you’ve finished with one minute of total time (if possible).

Variations on This Meme

One of the recent TikTok trends to sweep over both Facebook and Instagram has been a series called The Sleepy Chicken. It consists of someone rubbing their hand from cheek to cheek…

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