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Which of the Following Best Defines Technology

Which of the Following Best Defines Technology, Technology is one of the most important forces shaping our world today, and as it grows, it will have an increasingly large impact on everything we do, including how we work and live our daily lives. Unfortunately, the true definition of technology seems to be blurred by many people’s preconceptions about what technology can and should be.

In this article I will try to define technology in the simplest terms possible so that we can move past these misconceptions and focus on what really matters when defining what technology means to us as individuals and as members of society at large.


Technology CreationTechnology is a powerful word that encompasses so many different meanings. For example, it can refer to advancements in the field of science and technology. It can also be described as more things becoming electronic and digital, like a virtual reality game or even an app on your phone. Finally, when it comes to machines, we sometimes talk about them being intelligent when they have the capacity for decision making or can store data independently. One thing all these definitions have in common is that technology is not just about things working but also includes people using tools to achieve a certain goal.

So, which best defines technology It really depends on what aspect you are looking at when you answer this question – because they all do!


Technology EnhancementThe list below offers a broader understanding of what defines technology and is only the start. In order to grow your knowledge, get ready to dive deeper into different subfields within the realm of technology such as information systems, software engineering, internet security, computational science and engineering and more!

Information Systems Information Systems is the study, design, management and application of computer-based information. This field includes defining business processes and establishing IT infrastructure in order to support these processes. Software Engineering Software Engineering (SE) is a discipline that deals with creating software for both hardware and for humans. Software Engineers work on operating systems but also more specialized platforms such as high-performance servers.

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Technology SatisfactionTechnology, broadly defined, encompasses all devices or tools that rely on electromagnetic waves to communicate. Basically, it refers to anything with a digital screen. For our purposes here we will define technology as any device designed to improve the way humans interact with their environment.

This could be through improving human ergonomics, by informing people about things like weather and traffic conditions so they can make better decisions about what they need to do next (or maybe even helping them make decisions for themselves), or by collecting data about social trends and other environmental information in order to drive insights and make change happen.


Technology EmpowermentWhat defines technology some say that it is the use to which an artifact is put. I feel differently, I feel that what define technology is not what we do with it but rather how it changes who we are and how we interact with the world around us. Let me tell you a story One day I was walking through my university campus and stopped to look at my phone only to realize that one of my contacts had gotten into a car accident (thanks Siri!).

This caused me to think about how fast information can travel in this day and age, while thinking back on all those old stories from people traveling around on horseback. Would they have even been able to share such important news if they didn’t happen upon each other?


Technology ConvenienceTechnology is not just a convenience, it has the power to change lives and make the world a better place. It’s important to understand what technology does for us, so we can make sure that it does more good than harm. Technology is making life easier, but with convenience comes responsibility. Technology can be used for good or bad purposes, but either way it’s our duty to define technology in a positive manner so its benefits outweigh any harmful effects.


Technology DependenceTechnology is a broad term that encompasses everything from the tools we use to communicate, to the way we teach our children. It is difficult to define technology as it can take on many different meanings in society. In some cases technology may be seen as modern and futuristic, while other times it can be viewed as a necessary evil that we have become dependent upon. Those who are most dependent on technology are often those who are unable to live without it.

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